what to expect

  • open and friendly atmosphere
  • helpful teachers that make the practice clear and simple
  • questions are welcomed
  • group size approx. 10-25 people

As the lead meditation teacher at NYC’s Bhakti Center, Jai has his work cut out. New York is not just the city that never sleeps – it’s the city of high achievers fast walkers and big talkers. With students that include lawyers, filmmakers and financial executives, Jai’s mission is to balance out their “New York passion” with the timeless teachings of Bhakti, a branch of yoga that is all about love and devotion.

Gopi Kumari is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner by profession, working with clients on a daily basis to help them thrive in New York City.  For years, Gopi has leaned on the core teachings of the Bhakti tradition as a means of grounding and fulfillment.  As a meditation teacher, she hopes to create a space of warmth and connection, diving deeper into the relationship we have with ourselves and the Divine.


the ABC’s of meditation

classes are offered 2 times weekly

– Monday 5:45pm – 6:45pm (teacher – Jai / room – 2w)

– Thursday 5:45pm – 6:45pm (teacher – Gopi / room – 2e)

admission – suggested donation $10 (see donation policy below)
donations can be given at the time of the class

The only thing that prevents us from feeling a sense of regular happiness and inspiration are negative thoughts and emotions that find space within our minds via the media, interactions with people, and our environment. A simple, regular meditation practice allows us to recognize negative thoughts and emotions, uproot them and replace them with mantra (spiritual sound vibration).

Mantra meditation is a timeless practice that countless numbers of people have applied over the centuries. The yoga tradition teaches that a mantra is a sound form of the Divine. These sounds are both subtle and powerful, and one of the most powerful ways to realize the divine aspect of your own self.

Our teachers are experts in mantra, and capable of helping the novice believe in themselves and helping seasoned meditators go deeper. It is simpler than you may think. We help you to start right where you are at. Drop in, do your best, stick with it, and watch what happens!

The practice helps one feel more grounded, calmer and focused in the moment. Your meditation practice can become a source of inspiration and a regular session for rejuvenating and purifying the mind. It can remove the obstacles preventing you from the genuine experience of knowing yourself as an eternal, knowing and happy living being with a profound connection to the Divine.

The Bhakti Centers Donation Policy

The principle of bhakti is to do for others without motive. In yoga’s spiritual culture a teacher shares the wisdom of the sacred texts as an act of devotion rather than for profit. This is especially important in the Bhakti tradition where teaching and learning are essential ways bhakti is exchanged in daily life. It also keeps affordable for all this most important activity, sharing knowledge for upliftment.

At The Bhakti Center we honor these important principles of education: that teaching is done purely out of love, and that it is kept affordable. Therefore, for all of our classes on the sacred texts and meditation we don’t charge a set price.

So how do teachers survive? The answer is that pure teachers depend on God and good students honor that by sharing a donation from the heart and according to their means. Gratitude and generosity from student to teacher is also part of the yoga tradition.

For the class our regular Mantra Meditation Classes we suggest a donation of $10 although all donations will be welcomed.