what to expect

  • short introduction to meditation
  • guided alignment exercises
  • breathing techniques
  • chanting of mantras

As the lead meditation teacher at NYC’s Bhakti Center, Jai has his work cut out. New York is not just the city that never sleeps – it’s the city of high achievers fast walkers and big talkers. With students that include lawyers, filmmakers and financial executives, Jai’s mission is to balance out their “New York passion” with the timeless teachings of Bhakti, a branch of yoga that is all about love and devotion.

Gopi Kumari is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner by profession, working with clients on a daily basis to help them thrive in New York City. For years, Gopi has leaned on the core teachings of the Bhakti tradition as a means of grounding and fulfillment. As a meditation teacher, she hopes to create a space of warmth and connection, diving deeper into the relationship we have with ourselves and the Divine.


A 3-hour Introductory workshop

date – saturday, march 3 with Jai Giridhari & Gopi

time – 2:00pm – 5:00pm

location – the bhakti center /  room 2e

admission – $30

register here

This workshop a great way to begin, or restart, a regular meditation practice. We’ll break down the basic techniques of mantra meditation in a simple format. Come be a part of an timeless practice that people have used for centuries to free their minds.


  • What is meditation?
  • What are its Benefits?
  • Important Influences
    – Relationships
    – What we consume

A – Alignment

  • What is proper alignment?
  • Benefits of progressive muscle relaxation?
  • How to move through progressive muscle relaxation
  • Guided alignment experience

B – Breathing

  • Breakdown of  breathing techniques for relaxation
  • Introduction to 3 parts breath (to facilitate deep breathing)
  • Guided breathing meditation

C – Chanting

  • What is a “mantra”?
  • Different mantras, different results

“OM” Mantra

  • History
  • Meaning
  • Experience: Chant OM

“Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya” Mantra

  • History
  • Meaning
  • Experience: Chant om namo bhagavate vasudevaya

Maha Mantra

  • What is the “maha mantra”?
  • History
  • What is japa? (personal mantra meditation practice)
  • experience japa
  • What is kirtan? (group meditation practice)
  • experience kirtan