what to expect

  • live music
  • opportunity to meet the artist
  • upbeat, friendly atmosphere
  • both acoustic and electronic performances throughout the evening
  • album CDs for sale


a live music performance of her debut album

date – friday, april 27

time – 8:00 – 9:30 pm

location – the bhakti center / room 2w

admission – $20

buy ticket here

for more information, contact: Syama – yoga@bhakticenter.org

Join acclaimed singer/songwriter Dhanya for an intimate musical performance, including songs from her debut self-titled album. Born and raised in Venezuela, steeped in the ancient traditions of the East, living in the US, and traveling the world sharing her powerful message; modern-day troubadour Dhanya is a powerful female voice of the conscious music scene. Her spiritually charged sound marries East and West, modern and classical, speaking to her expansive musical range. Complex harmonies and lush tracks are the backdrop for her soaring vocals. Dhanya brings to life her visceral poetry, intermingled with Sanskrit verses, speaking ancient truths and modern reflections.  

Dhanya co-produced her self-titled debut (due out February 2, 2018) with acclaimed artists Robin Livingston, Ben Leinbach and the Mayapuris. The album features MC Yogi and renowned lyricist Bali Rico. Her soulful alt-pop aesthetic is counterbalanced with gritty electronic influences and Eastern instrumentation, including the mridanga drum, bansuri flute and esraj. Dhanya’s radiant voice, bold lyrics and innovative sound make for an electrifying performance you won’t want to miss.