bhakti meditation course

what to expect

  • deep experience of chanting
  • temple setting
  • audible recitation of mantras

As the lead meditation teacher at NYC’s Bhakti Center, Jai has his work cut out. New York is not just the city that never sleeps – it’s the city of high achievers fast walkers and big talkers. With students that include lawyers, filmmakers and financial executives, Jai’s mission is to balance out their “New York passion” with the timeless teachings of Bhakti, a branch of yoga that is all about love and devotion.

Vāsudeva Das, originally from the Netherlands, spent his youth creating art. While attending the prestigious Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam in 1997, he decided to pursue a monastic lifestyle in the tradition of Bhakti-yoga. Having served as a monk for sixteen years,  in ashrams in Europe, India and New York, he recently married. He presently lives in New York City, where he serves as the head-priest at The Bhakti Center and teaches classes on Sanskrit, meditation and Vedic wisdom.

Jaya Jagannath (Jaya) is a leader in the Wisdom department at the Bhakti Center. After 13 years, he has recently left the quietism of monasticism to share the timeless wisdom, scholarship, and relevance of the tradition’s sacred text  through song, seminars/webinars, workshops, and regular philosophy classes. He’s also very active in the Bhakti Center’s kirtan events as a gifted and devoted musician.


A 6-week Course on the art and practice of chanting

presenters – Jai Giridhari, Vasudeva Das & Jaya Jagannath Das

dates – wednedays, march 14, 21, 28, april 4, 11, 18

time – 6:30 – 8:30pm

location – the bhakti center /  temple, room 3e

admission – suggested donation $60 – $120  (see donation policy)

register here

Bhakti Meditation Course is designed to help one understand the art and process of chanting as a form of meditation. The course consists of six 2-hour classes that meet once a week over the span of six weeks, with each week having a different focus. Each class begins with Gaura Arati (a traditional song/bhajan) followed by readings and discussion based on that week’s focus. Each session will also have various time slots dedicated for Japa practice (chanting as meditation).  The specifics of each class are as follows:

Class 1: Introduction/Nama  – Welcome and introduction to the Bhakti process. Lifestyle and what to do/not to do to improve our chanting.  We will be meditating on hearing the Holy Name(Nama) with readings from Harinama Cintamani from Bhaktivinoda Thakur.

Class 2: Guna – Qualities– We will be discussing the qualities of the person we are calling out to in our chanting, Sri Krsna. We will also as look at some of the qualities that develop in a sincere chanter. (Readings and discussion from Nectar of Devotion and Satsvarupa dasa Gosvami’s Twenty-Six Qualities of a Devotee”)

Class 3: Lila (story) – We will hear ancient stories to then facilitate deep chanting. (Readings from Srimad Bhagavatam).  

Class 4: Vandhanam (Prayer)  –What is the mood to chant in? How does one sincerely pray? (Readings from Srimad Bhagavatam:  Dhruva Maharaja and Akrura’s Prayers)

Class 5: Japa  – An extended period of chanting – we will absorb ourselves in a traditional Ekadasi Vrat (vow) to chant extensively and attentively. This session will be opened up to our community to join us as we chant together.  

Class 6: Rupa (form) – We will discuss the transcendental form of Sri Krsna, the Person that we are chanting to.  We will then have a conclusion and wrap up from all six sessions. (Readings from Srimad Bhagavatam  2nd Canto and 10th Canto; Description of the Form of the Lord)