what to expect

  • small class sizes
  • hands on training
  • learning incredibly insightful information about health & nutrition
  • gain perspective of the spiritual aspects of cooking and consciousness

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a 2 part series presented by Bhagavat Life

Note- Summer Seasonal Classes have concluded.
Dates and information for Fall Seasonal Classes are coming soon.

dates – sunday, june 26th & july 10th, 3pm – 6pm

location – the bhakti center / room 5e

$125 for one session, $225 for both.

Join a group of like-minded people in the East Village to explore the art of cooking incredibly tasty and healthy food! In these classes, you will learn a variety of dishes, flavors, utensils, smells, textures, and colors to make your life better. And you’ll most certainly walk away finding your kitchen a more comfortable, useful, and inspiring place, no matter who you are! This approach is based on the SVA Ayurveda tradition, a 5,000-year-old lineage of holistic medicine that comes from India. It applies to practically any style of cooking, culture, or circumstance.

Easy Summer Cooking is a 2-part series for those who feel less motivated to cook in hot weather. What dishes, even when cooked and warm, can cool down your body? What foods to stay away from? How to manage sharp fiery or slow digestion that most of us experience in this season? Find the answers to these and many more questions in our upcoming classes.

Some of the dishes include:

Ayurvedic Electrolyte Drink
Stuffed Zucchini Boats w/ Quinoa Pilaf
Green Beans w/ Fresh Coconut
Traveler’s Yogurt Rice (and how to make yogurt)
Cooling Lauki Squash
Flat Rice & Vegetables Breakfast/Brunch
Strawberry Mousse
and more.