Open Heart – A Restorative Yoga Workshop

with Sharon Ruedman
February 5th, 6:45- 8:45pm
Cost:$35 1 day (This class is limited to 10 students)

Let the healing begin and simply chill out in this heartfelt workshop with two hours of blissful restorative yoga. We will begin with breath work and meditation focused on opening up the rib cage, and softening the heart. Plenty of props will be used to support the body, as well as soothing scents, sounds and support to lull the nervous system into an effortless and tranquil state of relaxation.


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Partner Yoga & Thai Fly Workshop with Jai

Feb 14th 11:15-1:15pm / $25

Traditionally Yoga is seen as an individual practice, partner yoga brings two people together to move, breathe and play. It can be practiced by any two people and is a great way to strengthen a relationship through trust and communication. Bring a loved one, a friend, or no one at all and we will partner you up. Prepare for fun and laughter as we celebrate love and friendship!

* Learn partner-assisted stretches, enabling you to stretch farther than you could on your own.

* Play with standing, seated, and flying postures all designed to open your body and heart.

* Enjoy a therapeutic thai massage sequence to share with your partner