Yogi Lifestyle w/ Syama & Jai

Date: February 14th-15th

With Valentines Day just around the corner we want to theme this Yogi Lifestyle weekend around the topic of relationship . This weekend will not be limited to the relationship of lovers, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, but also an exploration of our relationship with friends, community, family members, our self and ultimately our eternal relationship with the Divine.

You will learn:IMG_1265
– Relationship: Making friends with spiritual minded people
– Importance of Meditation : Japa meditation
– Sambhanda: Re-establishing our deepest relationship
– 6 loving exchanges: Proven ways to exchange love
– Sadhana- building a relationship with God
– Healthy Relationship with what we eat:Offering our food
– Relationship Practices: Talking stick, Sharing circle, Journaling

Weekend Cost:
$250 includes all meals and 1 month of unlimited Yoga!
(No-one will be turned away for lack of funds. Interested? Lets talk)!

Contact Syama to register: Yoga@BhaktiCenter.org or (352) 870 7412



Yogi Lifestyle w/ Jai & Bud

IMG_2801Date: March 28th-29th

Come explore Ayurveda, Marma Therapy, and the Yoga Sciences w/ Jai Marcotte & Bud Tansey. In the concrete jungle of external stimuli, quick fixes, and a place where everyone has an answer to your problems, it’s easy to forget who we are and what we really need in order to thrive in life. Often times we think its hidden in a exercise routine, or an external achievement, or maybe if we just had the right partner or a bigger bank balance life would be perfect. The reality is the guidance to every choice we will make on our unique journey in life is dwelling within us at all times. This guidance will be hidden from us as long as we continue to look outside ourselves. Imagine a life where you make every choice from the most empowered place, by being deeply connected to your internal guidance. The great teachers and teachings of India have revealed the simple methods by which we can successfully do this. Let’s do it!!!

Where: Bhakti Center / 25 1st ave. 4E / New York, NY 10003 (between 1st – 2nd street)

Costs: $250-500 Sliding Scale **Includes 1 month of Unlimited Yoga @ The Bhakti Center**

All meals, classes, and materials included.

To register email Yoga@bhakticenter.org