what to expect

  • wise, kindhearted & experienced group leader
  • wisdom from the bhakti tradition
  • friendly sincere seekers
  • group size approx. 15-25 ladies


a women’s discussion group

date – sunday. january 21

time – 2:00pm – 4:00pm

location – the bhakti center / 3w

admission – free of charge

Topic: Discussing Visakha Dasi Latest Book: Five Years, Eleven Months and a Lifetime of Unexpected Love

Urban Devi is a monthly interactive women’s discussion circle exploring the intersection of the devotional wisdom of the Bhakti tradition and the lives of women in the 21st century. Sessions begin by Rukmini sharing her thoughts on a devotional verse, song, or commentary, as a stimulus to the open sharing of ideas, struggles, inspirations and hopes.

Rukmini Walker met her guru, Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, at the age of 16 and began a lifelong study in Bhakti-yoga under his guidance. Today she is an activist in interfaith dialogue and women’s spiritual empowerment, an artist, and a successful entrepreneur. Her business, As Kindred Spirits aims to connect the finest American designers with charitable and fair trade ventures. The beloved kirtan artist, Gaura Vani, is her son. She lives with her husband in the Washington, DC metro area.

Future dates:

Rukmini Walker will be away in India for 4 months (November – February) and Urban Devi will be lead by Champakalata and Lucy Ocampo while she is away.

February 18