what to expect

  • learn advanced asanas
  • safe and fun environment
  • develop skills to get upside down
  • light hearted, non competitive

Chase’s life has been rooted in the practice of yoga. He began practicing asana as a child and undertook more involved study of yogic philosophy as a teenager. He has been teaching yoga asana and meditation since 2007.

Chase’s practical understanding of the philosophy and practice has lead him to create classes that are rooted in somatic awareness and functional alignment, within the container of a vinyasa flow.


level 1 & 2 with Chase

dates – single workshops offered on multiple dates

• saturday, january 27 / level 1 / room 2e
• saturday, march 10 / level 2 / room 2e
• saturday, may 19 / level 1 / room 2w

time – 2:00 – 4:00 pm

admission – $35

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Work on the fundamentals of inverting postures such as head stand (sirsasana), forearm stand (pincha mayurasana) and hand stand (adho mukha vrksasana).

For many, going upside down in a yoga pose triggers feelings of doubt and fear in the mind. By starting with the basics and working our way up to actually practicing the inversions, you will learn to enter and exit poses safely and fearlessly. Whether these poses are ones which you have been working on for years, or have never tried before, you will come away from the workshop with the tools and the confidence to make real progress in your practice.

• Level I : crow, headstand, handstand

• Level II: forearm stand, advanced variations of side plank and more