what to expect

  • hands on assists
  • learn how to consciously touch your students
  • friendly, light-hearted environment
  • working in groups and with partners

Chase’s life has been rooted in the practice of yoga. He began practicing asana as a child and undertook more involved study of yogic philosophy as a teenager. Chase has been teaching yoga asana and meditation since 2007.

His practical understanding of the philosophy and practice has lead him to create classes that are rooted in somatic awareness and functional alignment, within the container of a vinyasa flow.


with Chase

dates – single workshops, happening on different dates:

• saturday, february 24
• saturday, april 21

time – 2:00 – 4:00 pm

location – the bhakti center / room 2e

admission – $35

register here

contact – yoga@bhakticenter.org

Hands-on assists can be an incredibly potent tool for helping yoga students find better alignment, deeper relaxation, increased stability, and greater extension. They are an opportunities to help students gain deeper access to a pose, even if they are not doing anything ‘wrong’. Whether you are a yoga teacher and want to learn/practice hands-on assists, or a yoga student that simply wants to deepen your understanding of alignment in each posture, this workshop is for you.