a spiritual oasis in the heart of New York City

a spiritual oasis in the heart of
New York City

The third floor of The Bhakti Center is the home of the  beautiful Temple of Sri Sri Radha Muralidhara – (Radha & Krishna – the Divine feminine and masculine). Here devotion is expressed through meditative rituals that have been carefully preserved for centuries, handed down in a lineage of the great saints and teachers of the bhakti-yoga tradition.

Time here can be a deeply refreshing and pleasing way to leave the day’s troubles behind and reconnect with your own spiritual nature. The Temple’s atmosphere can leave deep, positive impressions – both aesthetically gratifying and spiritually purifying to the mind and heart. Spend quiet time here alone, or come for gatherings and festivals.

Temple Schedule

5:00am – Mangal Arati (Altar open till 5:30am)

8:00am – Sringar Arati (Altar open till 11:30am)

8:35am – Dhupa Arati

12:30pm – Rajbhog Arati (Altar closed from 1:00-4:00pm)

4:00pm – Altar open

6:30pm – Sandhya Arati (Altar closed from 7:00-8:30pm)

8:30pm – Shayana Arati

9:00pm – Darshan closed

Ways to Give

Your full day of service to Sri Radha Muralidhar 
Bhoga, flowers and pujas: $251

Bhoga offerings
Mangal-bhoga offering (pre-dawn) and arati: $21
Pratar-bhoga offering (morning) and arati $51
Raja-bhoga offering (noon) and arati $108
Sandhya-bhoga offering (evening)  and arati $51

One week $251
One month $1001
One day $35


Festival Feast Prasadam: $3001
Temple, Altar & Flower Decorations: $1501
Deity Outfit: $1001
Bhoga for Offerings: $501
Abhishek for Deities: $108

We hold six major festivals per year – Roots of Kirtan Festival (Gaur Purnima), Festival for Lord Rama (Rama Navami), Festival of the Divine Protector (Narshimha Caturdasi), Lotus Festival (Janmastami), Pearl Festival (Radhastami), and Govardhan Puja.

Annadaan (feeding temple residents)
One day $301

Support the Temple

Personal Info

Donation Total: $21

The Bhakti Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible. We greatly appreciates your support. To become a monthly donor, or for other inquires please contact patrons@bhakticenter.org.