what to expect

  • sweet devotional music (kirtan)
  • refreshing rooftop atmosphere
  • a special chance to swing the small Radha Krishna Deities from our temple
  • group size approx. 20-60 people
  • chance to mingle afterward on the roof


6 nights of rooftop kirtan

dates – wednesday. august 2 – monday. august 7

time – 7:00pm – 8:00pm each night

location – the bhakti center / rooftop garden

admission – free of charge

Join us in our beautiful rooftop garden for 6 nights of kirtan as The Bhakti Center will celebrate Jhulan Yatra (the Swing Festival) on the evenings of August 2-7. Jhulan Yatra is a tradition in Vrindavan, celebrating the divine love of Radha & Krishna as well as the love of Their devotees for them. The devotees arrange for the pleasure and satisfaction of Krishna and Srimati Radharani by placing them on a swing (jhulan) and creating a breeze from the motion for relief from the summer’s heat. Guest will have the rare opportunity to personally swing the divine couple. These will be nights of beautiful kirtan in the association of special devotees. Sometimes the most profound sentiments can be expressed in the simplest of ways – Jhulan Yatra is a perfect example. Come sing and swing for Radha Muralidhara’s pleasure with cool breezes and the Manhattan skyline in the background.

Please Note: Thursday Nights Swing Festival will be part of our regular Thursday Night Kirtan. Due to the size of the limited capacity on the roof we will hold Thursday’s festival in the Temple Room on the third floor with Kirtan from 7-9 pm.