what to expect

  • group size – appox. 40-80 people
  • 20 mins. of music
  • 30-40 min. talk
  • friendly atmosphere
  • great food
  • get together with friends
  • make new friends


music. message. feast. community

date – the following sunday’s:  july 30, august 20 (see topics and speakers below)

time – 11:30am – 12:30pm (followed by feast)

location – the bhakti center / 2w

admission – free of charge

Spiritual Recharge is a Sunday event that serves as an opportunity for like-minded seekers to come together for a dose of positive sights, sounds, discussion, and community.

The morning starts with spiritual music (especially Indian devotional, but we get creative with other genres as well). The heart of the get-together is a relevant talk, drawing from the sacred texts of the yoga tradition, but holding a pertinent message for living a life of spiritual integrity through the challenges of today’s world. We end with breaking bread together in the form of a delicious vegetarian / vegan meal. Above all, Spiritual Recharge is about getting together with good people since that’s where spiritual growth is most easily nurtured and maintained.

Join us for a boost to your enthusiasm. Leave with fresh, helpful thoughts as you walk your path. Come back again for a spiritual recharge!

Dates & Topics:

July 30 – Topic: Ahimsa – Non-Violence:

An often misunderstood aspect of any spiritual tradition.  As yogis, we understand what Karma is “what goes around, comes around,” but how exactly does Ahimsa Work? Is there ever a right time to be “violent” and a wrong time to be “non-violent?” For progress on the path we need to understand these concepts deeper and  this Sunday we will have a candid discourse on this universal principle.

Speaker: Jai Giridhari

August 20 – Topic: Tolerance

The mark of any truly great person is that they have two qualities: Tolerance and Compassion.  In fact, Sri Chaitanya said one has to be as “Tolerant as a tree” Yet tolerance is not so easy.  Tolerate my work, tolerate my friends, tolerate my partner, tolerate my family, tolerate my city, tolerate…… Do I have to tolerate everything? And when is enough, enough? This Sunday we’ll have a candid discourse on tolerance and just how much we can learn from a tree.

Speaker: Jai Giridhari