Holding old and young hands


End of Life Care Services

a Bhakti Center Social Initiative

Sacred Care is a Bhakti Center Social Initiative providing support and care for the dying and those that care for them. If you, or someone you know, is dealing with the challenge of care-giving, we are here for you. We provide support training and education in end of life care and actively support the dying and their loved one’s through doula support services.

Our team serves to help transform one of life’s most difficult and fearful experiences into an opportunity for a positive and meaningful shift of consciousness for all involved.

We seek to serve as instruments of God’s compassion & grace, and to respect all traditions & faiths.

We provide…

  • Support groups/classes: an ongoing support system of weekly meetings about death & dying
  • Core Education:
    • Henry’s Fersko Wiese’s End of Life Doula Training Course
    • Ghanashyam Class (Spiritual Chaplain / Bhakti Yoga Carying for the dying).
  • Secondary education:
    • How to prepare wills & legal documentation
    • medical directives documentation
    • DNR (do not resuscitate) documentation,
    • Legacy Classes
    • Reiki, healing modalities, continued supportive education
  • Practical doula support services for our community & the people leaving their bodies in New York City.
  • Internships & Paid positions for doula’s

Join Our Bi-weekly Meeting "End of Life Matters"

At times, being a caregiver can be challenging, isolating, or overwhelming. For this event the hosts will lead a theme based discussion and invite guests to share their own discoveries and challenges with an experienced and supportive group that aims at exploring sacred perspectives and practical caregiving tools.

If you or someone you know is dealing with the challenge of care-giving, time with these devoted professionals can be invaluable.

Look for new 2018 dates coming soon.

The Bhakti Center’s Sacred Care program is directed by a team of leaders in the field of end of life care including Henry Fersko-Weiss author of   Caring For the Dying: A Doula Approach to a Meaningful Death and Ghanashyam Das, Hindu Chaplain for both New York University and New York Presbyterian Hospital.

For more information on The Bhakti Center’s CAREGIVERS classes and services write to info@bhakticenter.org.