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What is the Bhakti Center?

The Bhakti Center is a spiritual cultural center on New York City’s Lower East Side with a talented staff devoted to sharing the experience of self-transformation through the timeless culture and practices of Bhakti-yoga.

It’s a center of authentic learning, and a great place to meet new people, make lasting relationships, and find inspiration and support on the spiritual path.

Our Method

We present four avenues of growth, each drawing from the yoga tradition.  You can explore each to create your own path.

YOGA – to purify the body & mind

MEDITATION – to elevate the mind to a higher frequency

WISDOM – to contemplate life from a spiritual perspective

CULTURE – to experience the transformative power of the arts & sciences

Our Inspiration

We draw our inspiration and guidance from the life and teachings of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who first brought the culture of Bhakti to the Western world beginning on New York’s Lower East Side. He is widely regarded as the worlds pre-eminent exponent of the teachings and practices of Bhakti-yoga. Learn more about him here.

What is Bhakti?

•  The word Bhakti refers to the devotional spiritual consciousness that sacred texts like the Bhagavad-gita refer to as the highest stage of yoga and the true nature of the soul.

•  Bhakti-yoga refers to spiritual practices designed to bring one to devotional spiritual consciousness. It’s a way of connecting the soul with its Divine source.

•  The Bhakti tradition refers to teachings, practices, and arts, infused with the sentiments of Bhakti that have been handed down through the generations for many centuries. Learn more about Bhakti here.

Our Department Heads

Virabhadra Ram
Virabhadra RamExecutive Director
Sundarnath Das
Sundarnath DasDirector of Operations
Doyal Gauranga
Doyal GaurangaPrograming Director / Director of Cultural Studies
Syama Masla
Syama MaslaDirector of Yoga Studies
Jai Giridhari
Jai GiridhariDirector of Meditation Studies
Kaustubha Das
Kaustubha DasDirector of Wisdom Studies
Dhyana Masla
Dhyana MaslaDirector of Community Development
Karuna Gauranga
Karuna GaurangaDirector of Hospitality
Asim Govinda
Asim GovindaDirector of Service Cordination
Vasudeva Dasa
Vasudeva DasaTemple Director
Rukmini Poddar
Rukmini PoddarGraphic Arts & Design

Visit Us

The Bhakti Center is located on New York’s Lower East Side, a neighborhood long known as a home for the arts and creative exploration. It was in that setting that Srila Prabhupada first brought the culture of bhakti to the West through kirtan in Tompkins Square Park and talks at the Matchless Gifts storefront at 26 Second Avenue. We are enthusiastic to carry on the artistic and spiritual heritages of the neighborhood, and we invite you to visit  yourself, or to set up a group visitation with a member of our staff.

Group Visitation

The Bhakti Center offers a variety of private tours and talks for schools, colleges, travel groups, and general-interest groups. Contact us to set up a unique learning experience of Eastern spirituality and wisdom, a visit and explanation of a traditional Vaishnava Hindu Temple, a rooftop yoga class, or let us know how we could best serve your group by filling out the Group Visitation Form.


The Bhakti Center
25 First Avenue
New York N.Y. 10003
E-Mail: info@bhakticenter.org
Phone: (212) 533-4842


F to Lower East/2nd Avenue
6 to Bleeker Street
B D or V to Broadway Lafayette
N or R to Prince Street

Bus Directions

M15 to 1st Ave & E 1st Street
M21 to E Houston & 1st Ave
M14a to Ave A & E Houston

Citibike Stations

South side of East 3rd St. / Just east of 2nd Ave.
North side of East 2nd St. / Just west of 1st Ave.
Center of Allen St. / Just south of East Houston St.


Paid parking is available at available at 220 E 9th St (212-979-5708), and at 525 E 11th St (212-388-1030). Paid parking is available at available at 220 E 9th St (212-979-5708), and at 525 E 11th St (212-388-1030).


Most of the spaces and facilities at The Bhakti Center are accessible to visitors with limited mobility. Both manual and electric wheelchairs are allowed through the building.


Public restrooms are located on the second, and third floors.

Social Initiatives

  • Y12SR

    Yoga of 12 Step Recovery

  • Sacred Care

    Providing Support for End of Life Caregivers

  • Green Initiatives

    Protecting & Serving Mother Earth

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  • Temple

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  • Divya’s Kitchen

    New York’s #1 rated vegetarian restaurant

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