1. Pearl Festival Review

    On Friday August 29th, hundreds entered the welcoming, jasmine-garlanded doors of the Bhakti Center for the Second Annual Pearl Festival. Held in celebration of Radhastami, the evening was a grand display of devotion to Srimati Radharani, Lord Krishna’s chief consort, the Supreme Shakti, the personification of  divine love, and the Lord’s greatest devotee on the day of her appearance in this world. “A pearl is a jewel. It’s something extremely precious, and how a pearl comes to be is very symbolic of the path of bhakti . . . On the path of bhakti, what is apparently a curse is...
  2. Chandan Yatra Festival with Radhanath Swami

    On Saturday, July 19th, Radhanath Swami was at The Bhakti Center to celebrate the festival of Chandan Yatra. In the bhakti tradition the observance of festivals is a way in which a community comes together, sharing their time and talents to create beautiful celebrations. Many of these festivals have been observed in a similar fashion for centuries and their annual dates of arrival are highly anticipated. Chandan Yatra (the sandalwood paste festival) is said to have been first celebrated hundreds of thousands of years ago on the day when Treta-yuga began. When the summer heat is at its peak sandalwood paste is used as...
  3. Artist & Bhakti Center Priest Brahma Muhurta Das (Michael Buhler-Rose) Featured in Vice Magazine

    Check the latest issue of Vice Magazine for the work of artist and Bhakti Center Priest Brahma Muhurta Das (Michael Bühler-Rose). The unique cover is his work as well as a series of photographs which also include images of the Bhakti Center’s Bharatanatyam Dance Teacher Komala Kumari Mayshark and Bidya Prasad who serves in the Bhakti Center’s Pujari Department. To see the photos you can pick up a copy of the latest Vice Magazine or just click here. Below is a short excerpt from an interview with the artist and an image of the magazine’s cover. – Kaustubha Das VICE:...
  4. Radhanath Swami on Honoring Mother Earth

    On July 1st, 2014, Radhanath Swami spoke at the Bhakti Center in New York City about the Govardhan Eco Village, a project he initiated on the outskirts of Mumbai, India. The program also included a screening of a short film on the Govardhan Eco Village and with an introduction by the films producer Julie Queler. An excerpt of Radhanath Swami’s talk along with the film can be found below. The entire talk may be downloaded here. In the early 1970’s I heard a story about my beloved gurudev, Srila Prabhupada. He was in Mayapur, a very holy place in India...
  5. Video: Roots of Kirtan Festival Day 1

    On Thursday evening, March 13th, we began celebrating our Second Annual Roots of Kirtan Festival in honor of Gaura Purnima, the birth of Sri Chaitanya, the avatar and mystic saint who pioneered devotional yoga (bhakti) in sixteenth-century India and began the practice of sacred chanting (kirtan) that has now spread around the world. The festival’s highlight was the ritual bathing of the divine forms of Sri Caitanya and Nityananda with the water of fresh coconuts. All guests had the opportunity to give a donation for a coconut, bring it to the alter to bathe Sri Chaitanya and receive in return...