what to expect

  • festive atmosphere (it’s a birthday party!)
  • great devotional music
  • heart touching talk
  • beautiful dance performance
  • offer a real lotus to Radha & Krishna
  • incredible free vegetarian feast

related event

Pearl Festival 2017


celebrating the divine appearance of Sri Krishna

date – saturday. august 12

time – 6:00pm – 9:30pm

location – the bhakti center / temple 3e

admission – free of charge

Join us for The Bhakti Center’s 6th annual Lotus Festival celebrating the appearance of Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna Janmastami is one of the most important and festive days in the bhakti tradition. Temples are lavishly decorated, songs are sung and everyone gathers to share the joy and auspiciousness of the occasion. For this unique festival real lotus and jasmin flowers will be imported from India to create a beautiful and fragrant atmosphere in the temple. Everyone will have the opportunity to offer a real lotus flower to Radha Muralidhara (Radha & Krishna).

There will be kirtan, songs of devotion, discussion on the significance of the celebration, an amazing dance performance and other kinds of fun. Our special guest speaker will be Venkata Bhatta Das. An unforgettable free vegetarian feast will be served. Everyone is welcome.



6:00pm – Kirtan

7:00pm – Talk by Venkata Bhatta Das

7:50pm – Dance

8:10pm – Lotus Offerings with more kirtan

8:10pm – Serving of  the feast begins on the second floor


(Donors may cover the full or partial costs of the items below)• Festival Feast Prasdam: $3001

• Temple & Altar Decorations & Flowers: $1501

• Deity Outfit: $701

•Special Offering: Lotus for each visitor to offer to Radha Murlidhar

To sponsor an item above book directly online below, call 732-983-7694 or write to sundarnathdas@gmail.com.


If you would like to help volunteer with seva for this beautiful festival please sign-up here

Festival Sponsorship

Festival Feast Sponsorship: 8 course vegetarian feast for 300 - $3001

Temple Decorations: Flower and other beautiful decorations - $1501

New Deity Outfit: New outfit for Radha Muralidhara  - $1001

Special Offering:  Lotus for each visitor to offer to Radha Murlidhara -$501

Personal Info

Donation Total: $501