what to expect

  • friendly atmosphere
  • bonding with fellow seekers
  • wisdom from the bhakti tradition
  • group reading and sharing thoughts
  • group size approx. 12-15 people


a women’s community group

two women’s growing bhakti groups will be running simultaneously for the summer season /you can choose the one that works best for you /participants must register and these groups will close once they begin

Group 1:

led by Lucy Ocampo & Radhika Khosharay
dates – wednesdays. june 7 – august 30
time – 7:00 – 8:30pm
location: the bhakti center, room 2e

Group 2:

led by Syama Masla, Rukmini Poddar, Radhika Priti
dates – mondays. july 10 – august 28
time – 7:15 – 8:45pm
location: the bhakti center, room 2e

admission: free of charge
capacity: 15
Please email the Community Groups team for questions or to register

Description –

Growing Bhakti – A Women’s Group is designed for women looking to deepen their faith in bhakti, pursue spiritual growth and share healthy relationships. Together we’ll explore truth and find strength and inspiration to live out the truths we discover as women on a spiritual path.

Who is it for? 

Women looking for ways to root deeper into their bhakti practice.

Sat-sanga, or relationships with fellow devotees, is a powerful means to develop one’s relationship with Krishna. An ideal forum for sat-sanga is within a community group where like-hearted people with similar spiritual aspirations can come together to intentionally discuss spirituality.

Regardless of our stage of spiritual practice, we all need inspiration and support to stay with it. We’ll share in the joys and realizations on our life’s journey, as well as encourage one another through the struggles by striving for for a higher principle and living with the integrity of our spiritual values.


In order to honor fellow group members, we ask that only those who can attend at least 75 percent of the meetings join the group. The core intention of the community groups is to build relationships which requires time and consistency in showing up for one another week to week. Everyone who joins will be asked to sign a commitment contract. 

What to Expect–

Group 1

Over the course of several months, the group will read through and discuss The Book of Dharma by Simon Haas.

The Book of Dharma illuminates the four principles of dharma, namely truthfulness, purity, compassion and discipline. Discussions will revolve around making enlightened choices guided by these ideals and how we can gradually manifest our highest spiritual potential.

Required for Group–

The Book of Dharma by Simon Haas

– journal and writing utensil

Read the prologue and chapter 1 before first group meeting

All reading will be done during group (schedule of readings is forthcoming)

What to Expect–

Group 2

Over the course of several months, the group will read through and discuss The Nectarean Ocean of the Holy Name by Sacinandana Swami.

Japa meditation, or chanting the Hare Krishna mantra, is an essential daily practice in the bhakti tradition as a means for developing one’s relationship with God. Written by Sacinandana Swami, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada and a Bhakti monk and spiritual guide for over 35 years, this book serves as an entry, reference and source of absorption to the practice and philosophy of chanting complete with numerous quotes from the Vedic scriptures and detailed philosophical and practical instructions.

Required for Group–

– The Nectarean Ocean of the Holy Name by Sacinandana Swami.

– journal and writing utensil